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PHP > 4.1, MySQL (optional), writable directory, fopen(), internet connection

Product Summary:
Datafeed-to-MySQL is designed to parse properly formatted tab, comma, pipe, semi-colon, colon, tilde, and star delimited datafeeds into MySQL format. It will detect errors in the feed and attempt to fix them or ignore them. This is a great tool to parse affiliate datafeeds into a MySQL table. License allows for use on any number of websites as long as they are owned and operated by the purchaser.

Note: Datafeed-to-MySQL is a parser only. It does not make a website from the data provided.

  • New and improved version 2.11 includes more features and better file-handling capabilities.
  • Cron Jobs now possible: version 2.11 allows user to bypass form submissions. Script can be run by accessing it's url.
  • Supports properly formatted tab, comma, pipe, semi-colon, colon, tilde, and star delimited datafeed files.
  • Supports enclosing/escaping characters.
  • Supports line breaking characters within a row of data.
  • Allows preservation or removal of non-row-terminating line breaks.
  • Includes user-adjustable features that significantly help reduce server-load.
  • Supports large feeds of more than 100 MB.
  • Has options to use the first row for MySQL column names, read it as data, or ignore it.
  • Error handling on a per-row basis. Includes the option to fix a row with the wrong number of columns or ignore it. Fixing a row will append extra columns to the end of the row if the row is lacking columns and will remove excess columns from a row that contains too many columns.
  • Includes the option to create an Auto-Increment ID column on the MySQL table.
  • Error reporting will show you which rows had errors and how those rows were read by the datafeed parser.
  • Options to create the SQL only or create it and execute it.
  • Great for affiliate datafeeds, Datafeed-to-MySQL also includes a find and replace feature to allow you to replace a generic affiliate ID with your ID.
  • Includes security features: password-only access and restrict use to an IP address.
  • Immediate download after cleared payment. As soon as PayPal informs us that your payment has cleared, an email will be automatically sent to you with a link to download the file. For credit card payments, you should be able to download the file within a few minutes after purchase.
    IMPORTANT: Sometimes our emails with download instructions get delivered to the bulk or junk mail folder. Please check these folders if you do not receive the download email within a few minutes of purchase. Occasionally our attempts to contact you or respond to your emails will also be delivered to bulk or junk mail folder. Please check these folders if your emails go unanswered. In most cases we will respond to all emails within the hour. If you're using a spam-blocker, please set it to allow email from If you need us to resend the download instructions, just let us know and be sure to check your bulk or junk folder for our response.
  • Download available in zip and tar.gz formats.
  • Datafeed-to-MySQL works where the PHP function fgetcsv() fails!
  • Does NOT use MySQL's LOAD DATA statement (which is not supported on most web hosts)!
  • Features a total of 3 levels of server-load reduction!
  • License allows use on unlimited sites from one purchase!*
EXAMPLE of what Datafeed-to-MySQL can do

Price: $39.99 USD

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* See License Agreement for full details

What our customers are saying...


I just wanted to send you a short note about my purchase and use of your Datafeed-to-MySQL application.

The download, configuration, upload and installation of this application is as simple as anyone could ask for. The admin control panel has a very nice GUI and is easy to understand and use.

The very first time I used Datafeed-to-MySQL I saved over three hours of my time by bypassing phpMyAdmin. I uploaded one of my larger datafeeds in one lot rather than breaking it down into smaller pieces that phpMyAdmin would allow. The datafeed exceeded 103,000 records with a size of over 99,928 megabytes.

I'll be updating my websites a lot more often with Datafeed-to-MySQL. That's what I call a good piece of software.

Frank Parks

Datafeed-to-MySQL was money well much easier than creating the fields manually and importing using phpMyAdmin. It's a real no brainer now.

Trax Web Design

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